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Elite Tactical Advantage has designed and built the greatest automatic shotgun ever created, bar NONE.

Devastator puzzle solution
When designing, we reduced our task to the lowest common denominators.

  • The shotgun needed to be RELIABLE; it had to shoot, and shoot every time.
  • It had to be more MANAGEABLE than existing platforms (e.g.: Overall length, collapsible stock, folding stock.)
  • It needed to have the VERSATILITY to shoot a wide variety of ammunition and specialty rounds.
  • It needed enhanced CONTROL, rapid fire recoil management and follow-up shots on target.


Devastator Shotgun

North Hollywood Shootout

Using the infamous "North Hollywood Shoot out" as a model, we answered a question that up to that point no one had asked, "What do we do when assailants are armored from head to toe, armed with overwhelming firepower and we need to act RIGHT NOW?" Well, a situation like that, there is only one thing to do. Fight fire with fire.




Combined weight of projectilesThe combat or tactical shotgun seemed to us the ideal platform to start with. Even in the hands of someone not highly trained, is still a very effective weapon. Each 9 pellet, #00 Buck round is the equivalent weight as eight .223 rounds, and have the diameter of thirteen!

In high-stress, return-fire situations it is not advantageous to try to be hitting multiple assailants, possibly in the dark, with the less than 1/4" diameter bullet of the AR-15. If that 1/4 inch bullet misses the bad guy is a liability for the next several hundred yards.


The Devastator is a straightforward solution, it starts as a standard Remington 1100 or 11-87 shotgun (2-3/4" or 3" magnum chamber.) When we are done every critical part is either reworked, upgraded or replaced with high-end components that we manufacture ourselves to exacting tolerances in America.

We chose the Remington platform because it is proven, and prolific. Agencies can take existing armory stockpiles and upgrade them to fearsome devices designed for one purpose, "To control and end confrontations with certainty with minimal additional training."

An armorer can take an existing shotgun and retrofit it with a Devastator kit in about 20 to 30 minutes. We tried as completely as possible to keep the LE & Military Devastator armorer's kits as close to a true Devastator (constructed by Elite Tactical Advantage) as possible. Of course it isn't 100% possible to retrofit something as new, but the enhanced functionality and capability of agency guns will be immediately apparent.

The action of the Devastator is tuned and lightened so it can be sped up to nearly 70% faster than stock. This IS the fastest semiautomatic, lightest recoiling shotgun action anywhere... period. The operator can easily fire ALL ROUNDS ON TARGET in a single second. This creates a "JACKHAMMER EFFECT" destroying ballistic material and delivering massive blunt trauma, which incapacitates with or without penetration.

Devastator with UBR


Devastator NP3 coated

The system is patent pending and currently being evaluated by Remington Military.



The traditional automatic shotgun has a recoil system that is static and temperamental. The single spring is located where disassembly and removal of the entire butt stock is necessary. Once you do get to it, there are not any options to vary its rate.

It is this static spring rate that make it very difficult to utilize the wide range of ammunition available to law enforcement and the modern hunter. There are substantial limitations inherent in using the same basic design that John Browning came up with over 100 years ago. In those days, there were very few choices as far as ammunition was concerned. Today, there are Devastator recoil graphshelves of options.

The component part of the Devastator that upgrades the recoil system is called the "RRS" short for "Recoil Reallocation System." The RRS allows the removal of the stock Remington recoil system in the butt stock, reallocating it forward of the receiver.

The RRS adapts your shotgun to a variety of loads by employing up to four springs that are easy adjustable from 35% under to 35% over Remington stock (and just about anything in between.) This allows the Devastator to digest a wide spectrum of ammunition never before possible in an automatic shotgun.

The springs take about a minute and a half to change with no special tools. Different combinations are documented with a chart that comes with the Devastator. The various combinations tailor both the action speed and recoil to the shooters personal taste.


Another limitation primarily particular to auto-loading shotguns is that the recoil mechanism, being located in the butt stock, slopes down at an angle at or greater than 15 degrees.

Remington 1100 11-87 factory recoil assembly - Devastatot

When a cartridge is fired the kinetic energy of the cartridge's blast is directed rearward actuating the breech block assembly. The inertia is forced into the angled recoil mechanism via the "link", where it comes into contact with the recoil mechanism spring's elastic potential energy.

It is this motion and energy transfer that causes the barrel of the gun to be elevated at an angle much more pronounced than would be seen if the kinetic energy and subsequent elastic potential energy were in a straight line.

The limited number of butt-stocks that are not readily adjustable is a detriment that automatic shotgun owners have had to endure for years. Worldwide, police and military units have abandoned American autoloading shotguns because of the extremely long overall length and static length of pull. Until now; enter... the Devastator.

With the Devastator, the recoil pulse is converted from the traditional angular push which drives the barrel up, to one which is in line and straight back. This combats muzzle rise and keeps your follow up shots on target. It does all this with dramatically reduced felt recoil.


ETA Devastator RRS Recoil SystemWith the recoil system moved from the butt stock and the recoil itself tamed, the Devastator can utilize a collapsible / folding stock or no stock at all if a pistol grip is used. This allows the gun to be further customized to fit the individual shooter. Female officers, breachers, close quarters of armored personnel carriers, aircraft, 3-Gun competitors... everyone was considered when we developed this system.


A comment we often hear is, "I don't want the folding stock, I want a standard collapsible AR-15 stock." The folding mechanism does not interfere with the AR-15 style stock. You don't have to choose, you can have them both. The AR-15 style stock of your choice which not only collapses, but folds also. You won't find that on any other automatic shotgun because they are not capable of employing this configuration due to their recoil components or folding configurations (e.g. under or over-folding style skeletonized stocks like the discontinued SPAS-12 are the closest you could ever get.)

ETA Devastator vs. Benelli
Shown is a Generation I Devastator. The Gen II Devastator is the same overall length.



A standard 18" barreled 1100 TAC-2, 11-87 Special Purpose, 930 SPX, FN or Benelli M-4 has an overall length of about 39". The Devastator, when folded, has an overall length of 28-1/4". This is about the average length from your shoulder to your fingertips, and this is no accident.

Dynamic SphereThe Devastator is designed to be an extension of your body. Throughout your life your brain has tested, calculated and stored the dimensions of your "dynamic sphere." This is the radius from your center that you can effectively touch or control without moving from your current position.

The Devastator doesn't get hung-up, snagged or banged on objects any more than your own fingertips would. This is a distance that is ingrained into your mind. It is automatic. You don't think about it, you know it and you know it instantly. Try to walk to a wall and stop where you feel comfortable that you sphere of influence ends. Extend your arm and fingertips, how close is that to the wall? That's the end of the Devastator.

Devastator vs Remington TAC2Every conceivable aspect of the Devastator has been designed and crafted to function with split-second certainty without an abundance of special training. It has taken point-and-shoot to a refined level of intuitiveness. IF YOU HAVE TO BET YOUR LIFE, THERE IS ONLY ONE CHANCE TO MAKE THAT BET... MAKE SURE YOU'RE WINNING IT!

ETA Devastator 25 yd. pattern

NP3 coated Devastator



Above and below and Generation I Devastators, all current models are Gen II


The Generation I Devastator was heralded as the future of automatic shotguns. But Elite Tactical Advantage is never satisfied and will not rest on our laurels. We compiled input from several sources; including: branches of the US Military, US ARMY Special Arctic Warfare Division, Law Enforcement, SWAT, MAGPUL Dynamics, and Remington Military division.


Generation I - Devastator (Click image to enlarge)
ROBAR NP3 coating info


With less than fifteen first generation full production models in civilian hands, we painstakingly redesigned the configuration of the Devastator to not only completely militarize it, but make it more ergonomic and user friendly.

These are not simply cosmetic changes. All three major components, the Rhino Rail, Bobcat and Cat clamp have been fundamentally altered from the ground up. The ergonomic changes made to the Bobcat rail (forward grip) allow it to be 1/4" closer to the bottom of the receiver. It is much easier to grip and control with its width reduced by 5/16". Even with less material, we stiffened the entire assembly with a newly designed "Cat clamp" which mounts the Bobcat to the gun. The length was increased to enhance rigidity and prevent torque from twisting near the receiver.


Bobcat 1100 1187 The top of the Bobcat now contours to the barrel and through machine cuts have been replaced with grooves to prevent debris and contaminants from entering the mechanical workings of the action. The 12" Rhino Rail is a little over 3/16" shorter (or closer) to the top of the receiver. This low-profile enhancement better accommodates sighting systems. It is now 5/32" narrower to conform to the width of the Bobcat, and to fit into patrol car shotgun clamps. The new 12" Rhino Rail compliments the Bobcat whereby the two new components are only separated from one another by 1/32".


The new design of the Devastator Bobcat features:

  • All through machine cut holes in the Bobcat are removed. Replaced with finger grooves for more control. This eliminates the risk of external contaminants possibly working their way to moving parts.
  • The Bobcat rail itself is closer to the gun both in width and height.
  • The 6 O'clock battle ramp has been extended further into the receiver for more positive direction in loading.
  • Enhanced system adjust ability to accommodate each individual gun.
  • Mechanical locking of the Cat clamp, opposed to simply fasteners.
  • More rigidity added to both the front and back mounting hardware.

The new design of the Devastator Rhino Rail features:

  • The 14" Rhino top rail is still available.
  • The 12" Rhino top rail is 1/4" closer to the top of the receiver for a more uniform sight picture with optics or BUIS.
  • The 12" Rhino top rail eliminates the forward quad rail.
  • The 12" Rhino top rail ends at the Bobcat for a more ergonomic look with shortened barrels.
  • The 12" Rhino top rail has tool-less forward mounting hardware. The top rail becomes an extension of the receiver, and stays on while the barrel & components can be removed for cleaning and maintenance.


Gen II Bobcat

Rhino Rail Gen II 12" - (click)

Elite Tactical Advantage Bobcat 1100

The Gen II 12" Rhino top rail allows you to easily and quickly equip and protect your Devastator to handle mission critical situations like never before possible. The complete rail and mounting system hardware weigh only 7.5 oz..

The Rhino melds receiver and mag tube to one contiguous unit. This fortifies and protects crucial components from the abuse serious operators are likely to encounter.

The Rhino's intimidating profile transform the Devastator's already fearsome profile into a never before encountered juggernaut. An inmate at a corrections facility remarked to a guard, "I don't know what the Hell that thing is, and I don't think I want to find out."

Bobcat 1100 Gen II - (click)

Elite Tactical Advantage Bobcat 1100

The Bobcat 1100 replaces your stock plastic fore end providing nearly 30 inches of the latest MIL-SPEC rail (NAR / STANAG 4694) at 3, 6 & 9 o'clock positions. It is 100% backward compatible with "1913 Pic" rails, and adds less than 4 oz.. to the gun's overall weight.

Bobcat 1100 angled battle rampsThis integral part of the Devastator's RRS, houses and armors crucial components to keep your equipment up and fighting. Featuring proprietary "Battle Ramps©" (right) that guide your hand to the charging handle and feeding ports in real world high stress combat situations.

A 3 point mounting system at either end of the rail keeps the Bobcat from rotating or flexing. This keeps you in complete control of the firearm at all times.

In the Generation II embodiment, the through cuts in the rail are removed and replaced with grooves, thus protecting the internal gas system of the gun from debris making it more reliable.



RRS - (click)

Recoil Reallocation System (RRS)

The heart of the Devastator system that removes the stock Remington recoil components and replaces them with the ETA recoil system. This increases reliability and the range of loads that can be fired, along with dramatically reducing recoil.

When the stock recoil system is removed, a pistol grip, or AR-15 style stock can be utilized on the shotgun (see S2AR adapter.) ANY AR-15 stock can also be made foldable (see G-Hinge) for the ultimate in maneuverability and concealment.


S2AR Adapter Gen II - (click)

The S2AR or "STAR" adapter allows the Devastator to use standard AR-15 end plates, grips and buffer tubes. We intricately machine our adapters from a solid 7075 T-6 billet of aluminum; Department of Defense MIL-SPEC: MIL-HDBK-5J.

The S2AR adapter is minimally 85% stronger than others on the market that are cast. It's strength to weight ratio is unmatched at 6 oz..!

Charging Handle - (click)

Elite Tactical Advantage Bobcat 1100

We wanted to design a bolt charging handle that was robust and functional for the tactical world, without having a "doorknob" sticking off the side of the gun. This handle needed to provide fast, positive charging or clearing in the most demanding situations. Enter the ETA Tactical Charging Handle. Knurled over the length of the surface for additional grip. Precision machined from ordnance steel and black oxide mil spec finished to provide the correct weight and balance for reliable, trouble-free operation.

  • Developed to allow rapid operation of the charging handle from above or beneath the receiver
  • Can be utilized right or left handed
  • Designed for when you may encounter moisture, mud, snow or ice
  • Tactical situations where you may require gloved hands


Tactical Trigger - (coming soon)

Elite Tactical Advantage Bobcat 1100


Enhanced Springs - (click)

Enhanced magazine tube spring:

  • Improves feeding and reliability.

Enhanced hammer spring:

  • Hit that firing pin like you mean it! Eliminate misfires from hard or questionable primers.

Enhanced firing pin spring:

  • Makes the striker move faster and hit harder to reduce misfires and increases lock time


No Jam - High Visibility Follower - (click)

Elite Tactical Advantage Bobcat 1100

The No Jam - Hgh Visibility mag follower will not break down with cleaning compound and will not crack. The shaft on the follower travels within the mag spring allowing the spring to compress around it, eliminating spring binding.

CNC machined from high-visibility Red engineering polymer (not surface dyed). It offers an excellent balance of desirable properties that bridges the gap between metals and ordinary plastics. It enjoys a widespread recognition for its reliability and performance in thousands of engineering components.

Properties and characteristics of this material:
The chemical composition, regular molecular structure and high degree of crystallinity result in a unique combination of outstanding characteristics not found in metals or most other plastics.
• High mechanical strength and rigidity
• Toughness and high resistance to repeated impacts
• Low friction and low wear
• Long-term fatigue endurance
• Excellent resistance to moisture, gasoline, solvents, and many other neutral chemicals
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Good resilience and resistance to creep
• Natural lubricity
• Wide end-use temperature range


Complete Devastator with factory Remington Special Purpose finish: $1,999 includes:

  • 1100 TAC2 shotgun, 18-1/2" Barrel
  • 12" Gen II Rhino Rail (Top Rail)
  • Bobcat Gen II Forward grip (Bottom Rail)
  • MAGPUL AFG (45 degree forward grip)
  • RRS Recoil System
  • Nickel Boron Action Bar Assembly (Moving Parts - not available with coated guns)
  • S2AR Adapter (Gen II with QD cups on both sides)
  • Hogue model 15000 grip
  • Tactical Dome Safety
  • G-Hinge Folding Stock System
  • MAGPUL CTR Stock & Buffer tube
  • Tactical Bolt Charging Handle
  • High Visibility / Low Friction Follower


  • Screw in choke and 2-1/2" Tactical Forcing Cone - $ 100
  • Adjustable Tactical Trigger - $ 90
  • Nickel Boron Plating - $ 200
  • NO MAGPUL Buttstock & Buffer Tube - SUBTRACT $ 100
  • NO G-Hinge Folding Stock System - SUBTRACT $ 70
  • NO MAGPUL AFG (45 degree forward grip) - SUBTRACT $ 30
  • NO Tactical Dome Safety - SUBTRACT $ 10


LE/Military & Government pricing available.

Armorers kits to upgrade existing ordnance available to Military, LE and Federal agencies only.


Devastator Benelli FNH comparrison chart